The Best Advices for Cleaning Painted Concrete Floors

Painted concrete floorsSome people find cleaning painted concrete floors a difficult and time-consuming task. That’s why I will share with you a few ideas that will prove the opposite. The good news is that cleaning painted concrete floors is pretty much similar to the method used for cleaning most floors. However, you must be careful when picking chemicals and cleaning solutions. Continue reading to find out how to complete this cleaning mission in no time.

At the beginning sweep the floor with a broom and gather large debris. Also gather any visible dust and pay special attention to corners and edges where usually most of the dust will accumulate.

Next step is to use a dust mop and go over the floor once again in order to gather any dust that is left during the sweeping.

Now, you should fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of an all-purpose mild cleaner. Alternatively, you can use dish soap. According to professional cleaners such as house cleaners in Melbourne, it is advisable not to use cleaners that contain ammonia and vinegar because they could damage the sealant on your floor.

At this point dip the mop head into the mixture and then wring it out. Make sure the floor will be not saturated too much- excess moisture could break the paint down.

It is best to start mopping in one corner of the room and work your way to the other areas. Some cleaning specialists advise to work on one 4-square-foot section at a time.A woman sweeping floors

Once you have finished with mopping, pour what is remained of the solution down a drain and rinse the bucket and mop head. Then fill the bucket again this time with warm water. Once again mop the floor just like in the previous step to clean remaining soap.

At the end all you have to do is to let the floor air-dry. To increase the drying process you can use box fans. Using them will allow the floor to dry in between 10-15 minutes depending on humidity conditions in your area.